Andrea was such a great help to me after the birth of our daughter. I was exhausted and overwhelmed. It was difficult to keep up with tasks around the house, and Andrea helped me regain a foothold on keeping everything tidy. I was squeamish about asking her to do dishes or fold laundry at first, but once I was comfortable with the fact that she really was there to do anything to help, her dish-doing and laundry-folding became a huge blessing. She also helped teach me how to use the Moby wrap with my tiny baby, how to give her a bath, and new ideas for swaddling and calming her when she cried. One of the times she came over, all I really needed and wanted was a nap, and I knew my fussy baby was in good hands while I got some much-needed rest. My husband had to go right back to work after the birth, so Andrea's help was so valuable. I would definitely recommend hiring a post-partum doula, and would recommend Andrea to others. 

​-Jill Wiles

Cathy and Andrea are amazing doulas! I had them for my first childbirth and couldn't have been happier with the support that I received. They were always available when I had questions and helped me get through a drug-free childbirth for hours and hours until things got complicated and then they helped clear the room so my husband and I could make some decisions about moving forward. Although my birth plan didn't happen the way I wanted it to, I couldn't be happier with the experience overall and definitely wouldn't have made it through without Cathy and Andrea!

​-Ashley York

Andrea, we cannot thank you enough for your sacrifice of time and energy to make our birth story a memorable experience! J was so thankful you were there to be an encourager to me, but also to encourage him as well. I would describe my state during labor as daze-like but the couple things that I do remember are you warmly massaging my stressed body and then pulling my hair back in a pony tail..those details made me feel very cared after. Thank you again!

One of the most important moments in life is the birth of a child, and the people you choose to have join you in that special day become part of your life in a way that can not be erased. I chose to hire Cathy and Andrea to support me during my labor, and I am beyond thrilled that I did. My birth experience was amazing, and I will always have a beautiful, happy thought about that day. 
Throughout my labor, Cathy was supportive and gave me just what I needed as the labor progressed. I was able to have a completely natural delivery, which is what I had wanted. It was actually a fun and relaxing time, if you can believe it. A day I would do over again and would not change a thing.
Before and after the big day, both Cathy and Andrea were professional and on time for all appointments. They were easy to get a hold of and even called me often to check in, especially as my due date got closer. They are both amazing women whom I immediately felt comfortable with and knew they would be great doulas. Thank you so very much, ladies. You are both awesome and I would tell anyone thinking about hiring a doula to use you!!

-Allison Denton

Cathy and Andrea were so supportive during my pregnancy, birth, and after the baby arrived. Very available throughout and checked in often. Andrea was such a wonderful support before, during, and after my homebirth.  I appreciate all her check ins in the leading weeks and days before my son's birth.   She provided wonderful comfort and care during the birth and her postnatal visits and company were great.  Thanks Andrea for all you did to make my birth special!
-Sheryl Havelka Kincinas

Andrea was amazing at my home birth with my third son.  She was always very professional and respectful, she was always by my side I needed her, and she had many techniques.  She even stayed and made me food after the birth.  This was by far my best labor so far.  She even took an effort to spend time with my kids when my labor wasn't that hard.  I cannot imagine doing a birth without her again.  Thank you so much Andrea for talking me through things and making labor pains manageable! 
-Mandy Tychek Wallick

I ran into Cathy later in my pregnancy and was very lucky to do so. Cathy is a wonderful Doula. During our first meeting we put together my birth plan and she gave me tons of helpful information when putting it together. At our second visit, she met my partner and we all went over the birth plan. She also showed us pain management techniques and took the time to learn what I wanted my birth experience to be like and what we wanted out of her. We kept in touch about Dr visits and she often took the time to text and see how I was doing overall. When I went into labor every was happening pretty quickly so Cathy met us at the hospital. She arrived before us and she kept in touch with us while we were on our way, she talked me through contractions and did the best she could to make sure I was trying to stay calm when I told her I didn't think I could make it to the hospital with how close contractions were. I didn't get to expierence any pain management techniques because of how fast I gave birth after getting to the hospital but it was awesome to have her by my side because my partner was in such shock with how everything was happening. She was great support for my partner and I. She helped out with getting baby nursing for the first time, she took photos for us and stayed for a few hours after birth to make sure everything was going smoothly. If It wasn't for Cathy, I don't think my birth would have gone as good as it did. Cathy kept in touch with us after the birth to see how things were going. At the postpartum visit we did a lot of talking about the birth and the baby. She gave me a list of helpful resources and also brought me a small dish to warm up. If we ever add another little one to our family, Cathy will definitely be hired on as our Doula.
-Kimberly Jones

Child birth is one of the hardest things a women can ever accomplish in life, having Andrea there as my doula was a blessing, I couldnt imagine how my labor would have gone with out her, she made me comfortable, she rubbed my back every contraction, she encouraged me to be strong through the pain, she helped me while I was in labor for the entire time, my first and only baby was born Oct. 17 2012 at 12:32 pm, we went to the hospital on the 16th early, they sent me home that night after all of us being there for 8 hours they said I was not having the baby yet, then finaly on the 17th at 5 am we are all rushing back to the hospital again to do another 8 hours of labor, 16 hours Andrea was there as my doula comforting me and encouraging me and I would recomend her to you and all of my friends who are expecting, I am positive your experience will be as good as it possibly can be with Andrea there as your doula helping you through pregnancy and delivery. 
-Rae Ann Marie Chastain

Cathy is an awesome doula! I was trying for a natural vbac in the hospital. Cathy met with us before the birth and really learned what *I* wanted and how i wanted things to go. She showed my husband some different techniques to help with pain management and talked about positions to labor in. she was supportive through my pregnancy, even with thing not related to my pregnancy. At 41 weeks i went in to either have a csection or be induced. When we got there the drs decided we could induce. Cathy helped me through the contractions, she gave ideas of positions to labor in, rubbed my back, showed my husband how to help, even pushed my iv pole to bathroom with me! She knew when i needed her and when my husband and i needed some time to ourselves. Unfortunately i ended up needing a csection, Cathy stayed til i was in recovery and made sure i was all set up before she left. Definately would recommend cathy to everyone and will be hiring her for my next birth!! thanks Cathy!! 
-Megan Carlson

 Andrea is an absolute sweetheart. When my labor required that I do the opposite of what I wanted to do, she was a calm, steady presence - ensuring that each decision was one I was truly comfortable with. You want her at your birth! 
-Amy Marie Waligora

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My husband and I met Cathy for the first time in the hospital parking lot right before I was admitted. Both of us were discouraged, exasperated and about to throw in the towel of natural birth. Labor was more intense than either of us felt prepared for.

Then Cathy showed up and things quickly turned around. It was a moment I really won't forget.

In a matter of minutes my husband had clear direction as to how to help me and I was able to regain mental focus.

Had Cathy not been there, I probably would have gone straight for an epidural. Having her knowledge and encouragement helped me to persevere with our birth plan and have the experience that we had been working so hard toward.

I think nearly any doula would have benefitted us, but Cathy was exceptional. She anticipated my needs and picked up on my preferences. I let her know if anything was uncomfortable and she quickly adjusted her approach. I was surprised by how little direction I had to give her. Her intuition is spot on.

I ended up pushing for 5 exhausting hours, but between my husband, our midwife, and Cathy, there were points when I was still smiling in between contractions.

Cathy's most repeated phrase was "you are safe." That is exactly how I felt.

The amazing thing is, we had just met Cathy that morning. She was a backup for our original doula. We hadn't even talked with Cathy on the phone until that morning! (Due to my procrastination...) I am often uncomfortable around new people, however her gentle and confident personality put us at ease right away. We knew we could trust Cathy's judgement and she was so warm in her interactions with us.

I couldn't recommend Cathy any more highly. I would love to work with her again.

-Licia Radford

We hired Andrea and her partner Cathy as our doula team for the birth of our third child. Both women are dedicated, compassionate doulas with big hearts. We liked their team approach and appreciated their flexible service offerings. Andrea was on call when we went into labor. She provided phone support while we labored at home and joined us at the hospital for physical support, as we had decided upon prior to labor. Andrea was quiet, gentle, supportive and encouraging - exactly what my husband and I needed. She helped provide counter pressure as I leaned into my husband's arms during contractions, poured warm water over my back once I began laboring in the tub, helped locate items in the birthing room as we needed them, and provided verbal encouragement as the contractions surged. She allowed my husband to be the primary support person, as we had desired, while providing meaningful assistance and support during our son's fast, intense and joyous birth. Postpartum, Andrea handcrafted a beautiful placenta print and helped me locate resources as I needed them in the weeks that followed. Cathy also checked in with me at various points postpartum. I really appreciated both women and the love they brought to their work. Highly recommend.

-Jennifer Navarro

Cathy and Andrea were really supportive during my pregnancy, birth, and after my baby arrived. Cathy was the doula at my birth and was AMAZING! She was such a great support person to have there and was so respectful of our wishes and decisions. I don't think that we would have had a successful VBAC without her. The end of my labor was stressful with some potential complications and Cathy was really great through everything. I think the biggest endorsement I can give is that my husband and I have said that I we have another child we would use A Joyful Journey Doula Services without even a second thought!! So glad we were able to have Cathy at our birth!
​-Leece Nicol

Trying to have a drug-free hospital birth these days is nearly impossible, but Cathy helped me out so much and made sure I got exactly what I wanted! She is very knowledgable in pain management and various techniques. I wouldn't have been able to do it without her and I would definitely highly recommend her!! She was fantastic, and if I do decide to have more children she will absolutely be there with me! 
-Adrienne Volpe

I met Andrea shortly before the birth of our daughter since I started looking for a doula very late in the pregnancy. Our first baby died after birth at almost 24 weeks, and I felt helpless and anxious. My husband was totally not on board with us getting a doula though. Kept saying that other women do fine without one but I just knew I wanted a natural, unmedicated childbirth and having someone besides my husband supporting me in that made a world of difference. Andrea was wonderful. She texted me about my well-being in the couple weeks prior to birth, and even found articles for me to read about breast milks' special cancer-fighting abilities. The day before our due date, I began feeling contractions. I called Andrea. She said calmly she would come over to my house first and then we would go to the hospital. She labored with me at home, and then we drove to the hopital. On our arrival, I was 6 cm dilated and birth imminent. My husband quickly warmed up to Andrea as she is motherly and loving.  He felt supported, and not to mention, I felt a strong presence and strength coming from Andrea. Despite her being 5 months pregnant (and I am surely easily tired than any non-pregnant woman), she kept standing by my side massaging me during contractions, rubbing my feet, holding me. Just giving all she had. She understood what I needed even when I wasn't responding. She helped the doctor and the labor & delivery nurse bring our daughter into this world. I loved (even though I didn't tell her this) that she counted to 10 when I was in the pushing stage as she was the only one who did that, and it made me aware of the fact that I was not giving it my all.  Finally, Andrea stayed with us after birth and even took pictures which is so special. She kept me calm as I needed an episiotomy but was deathly afraid of it. I would wholeheartedly recommend Andrea to any and all of my friends and family as she was an amazing doula! Thanks hun! 
-Kinga Witek

Cathy is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and caring. She was very reassuring and comforting during pregnancy, delivery, and post partum. 
-Amanda Richards

I can't thank Andrea enough for her time. My goal and hopes were for an amazing, natural, drug free birth. Her support meant the world to me. I knew she was available for questions and concerns at any moment. She assured me and She was incredibly caring and compasionate. While everything happened at the speed of light when my actual birth came to play, I know that without having her along with my husband and other doula on my team I may have given up. When I hit that wall, I was able to push though because of them. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking into one of kind birth. I am so proud to have brought my little girl into the world the way I did. I can only hope that everyone gets to experience that in their lifetime, by hiring Andrea it is possible. Thank you soooo very much andrea.  You can really tell when some one loves what they do by the dedication and time they take. She was so incredibly kind and helpful during and before my birth. I highly recommend her.
-Adri De La Cruz

 If you don't think you need a doula, THINK AGAIN!!! Cathy is a wonderful support person and excellent resource to have in any labor! She offers great support and pain management techniques through labor and delivery. Without her I can honestly say that my birth experience would not have been as smooth as it was. She makes sure that both you and your coach have everything you need while helping! Thank you Cathy for everything! 
-Nicole Mack 

Andrea Myers was a miracle Doula for me, since the day she was reffered to me she has always been available with useful advice and information. During labor she has provided comforting and soothing remedies that made my labor less painful. Her services were so well i was able to skip the epidural and stick to my prmoise for having a natural delivery. In the end i was very satisfied and thankful that i had such a friendly, encouraging, and helpful supporter toward my pregnancy. 
-Crystal Campos